This blog came about after some of the views & news on twitter I or others posted needed some more explaining or wouldn’t fit in a tweet. Everything doesn’t always come out or make it too press and when it does that normally needs explaining. This aims at footballs problems, Manchester United problems and areas where others are stepping on the same tracks. It could be a book, music, another blog, a group of fans or the press or the plain old Glazers acting daft again. You’d be surprised just how wide spread the issues in football really go. My view in all this is that I’ve followed this from the start and own vast knowledge on our problems. I don’t side step these issues, I am not scared of them and my view is something can be done, there are many many options.

Manchester United’s problems don’t just come from the Glazers but the ownership issue its self. This has been an issue in the press since the early 1990s and will carrying on being until the powers that be start to step up. Its not only Manchester United but many other well known football league clubs. Newcastle United, Liverpool and Portsmouth have all had their own problems. The issues go from Manchester United to Chester City. My aim is write some straight facts down about where this should and could go.

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